The Fastest Way to Optimize Your Go-To-Market Strategy 
and Investments

Passetto combines proprietary go-to-market analytics technology, validated benchmarks, and expert strategic consulting to help B2B companies create breakthroughs in growth and profitability using data.

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GTM Optimization Built for Profitable, Efficient Growth

Passetto powers B2B companies in the new era of Profitable, Efficient Growth with expert GTM consulting, benchmarks, and technology to achieve breakthroughs in growth and CAC while operating at scale.

CRM Data
Financial Data
Marketing Programs
Sales Development
Marketing Headcount
Operations & Admin
Tech & Tools
Signal Providers
ABM Platforms
Multi-Touch Attribution
3rd Party 
Intent Data
Contact Databases
Passetto Signal Analytics Technology
Data Quality Analysis
Data Mapping & Standartization
Unified GTM Analytics
Benchmarking & Performance Assessments
Passetto Expert GTM Consulting
Strategic Initiatives  & Priorities
Investment Allocation & Tactical Plan
Data, Reporting & Insights Continuous Improvement Plan

Use Signal-Based Analytics to Uncover Immediate, Meaningful Improvements to Pipeline and CAC

Passetto Signal-based analytics give you clear, actionable insights to optimize your most important 
and expensive business process - converting in-market accounts to revenue.

Create a Unified View of Pipeline & Revenue

Passetto automatically combines your CRM data to track, process, and analyze signals consistently across your entire go-to-market. Creating a unified view of your most important and expensive business process - converting in-market accounts to revenue.

Increase Sales Development Productivity Based on Data

Sales Development resources act on Signals that never convert to pipeline and revenue. We help you find low productivity activities and re-focus them to your best opportunities - rapidly improving Sales Development productivity and pipeline creation.

Continuous Improvement of Marketing Strategy and Investments

Signal-based Analytics give you clear, rapid insights for how to optimize your marketing strategy, investment allocations, and conversion journeys. Achieve new levels of Marketing ROI and measurable impact

Optimize Pipeline Quality, Sales Velocity, and Forecasting Accuracy

Not all Pipeline is Created Equal. Stage 2 win rates vary by more than 2X based on the Signal. Passetto automatically connects Signals to Revenue - giving you the data you need to focus on the highest quality opportunities, improving win rates and sales velocity.

Make Confident GTM Decisions, Backed by Data. Validated by Experts

Get a third-party objective view of your performance. We embed fractional GTM strategists to help you analyze, interpret, and action against all the data and insights.

We increased marketing ROI by 42% in just one quarter. By incorporating Pasetto’s recommendations into our strategies, we achieved quick wins, such as a 39% reduction in cost per opportunity from Paid Search, while also implementing essential long-term initiatives.

Kirstin Hornby
SVP, Growth Marketing at CultureAmp
Benchmarks & Context

Get an objective assessment of your GTM performance with top-level and granular benchmarks 
from the most accurate and robust benchmark database.

Passetto provided valuable external benchmarks and perspective based on working with many businesses similar to us. Their analysis and recommendations helped me elevate the conversation with our senior leadership team to focus on business metrics aligned to the value that marketing brings.

Angelique Rothermel
SVP, Marketing at PushPay
Budget Analysis & Go-Forward Recommendations

Tracking data isn’t enough. The missing link is actually interpreting the data and making key decisions. We embed fractional GTM strategists to help you analyze, interpret, and action against all the data and insights.

They led the process to construct a holistic GTM strategy which included goals, new KPIs, recommended budgets, and key content strategy and tactics.

Scott Lynch
Sr. Vice President at Providence Medical Technology
Strategic Initiatives

Passetto proprietary signal-based analytics and growing benchmark database helps you rapidly find the highest leverage opportunities within your business to increase pipeline production and lower CAC.

Passetto provided a clear framework for us to activate key priorities with impact, effort, and timelines.

Amy Woodward
Director of Marketing at Benevity
Your Path to Profitable, Efficient Growth.
“A no-brainer investment for GTM leaders.“
Michelle Mercier
VP Marketing at

The Fastest Way 
to Optimize Your GTM Investments & Strategy

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